Changes to the ALLA Board

19 September, 2015 at 6:14 PM

There have been changes to the ALLA Board following our Annual General Meeting, held on Thursday 17 September. 

Amanda Surrey and Lianne Forster-Knight stood down from their positions on the ALLA Board. 

Alex Cato and Petal Kinder were elected unopposed to the ALLA Board. 

The current composition of the Board is as follows: 

  • Alex Cato 
  • Michael Gavan (Treasurer)
  • Mary Greenfield
  • Petal Kinder 
  • Elizabeth Langeveldt (President)
  • Phillip Mullen
  • Karen Rowe-Nurse (Past President) 
  • Kirsty Wilson

Thank you to Amanda and Lianne for their contribution, and welcome Alex and Petal.