Digital Platforms Inquiry final report (2019) - Webinar

26 September, 2019 at 12:36 AM

Details for the watch on demand webinar on the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry final report (2019) now available on the podcasts and papers page of the ALLA members-only section of the site.

How do the ACCC's recommendations affect all businesses (not just Google and Facebook)?What the webinar is about

In its Digital Platforms Inquiry final report, the ACCC made 23 recommendations which would significantly affect Facebook and Google, while also directly affecting many other businesses across Australia, including retailers, banks, airlines, telecommunications providers, the media, advertisers, marketing businesses, security companies, data brokers, technology companies and service providers. The recommendations affect competition, consumer, media, copyright and privacy regulation. The following businesses are the most powerfully impacted:

  • all businesses operating in Australia that use data about individual people
  • all businesses that deal with consumers and small businesses in Australia
  • any Australian target business (wanting to be acquired) or Australian or overseas acquirer (wanting to acquire in Australia), especially in fast-moving markets or markets with emerging technologies.