Education & Educating - Seeking contributions to Volume 24, Issue 3 of the ALL

4 June, 2016 at 5:25 PM

Education - Within the industry there are an increasing number of professionals returning to study (or never stopping). With this issue I would love to hear from those in the beginning, middle or end of that study about what prompted you to enrol.  What course are you doing? Are MOOCs your thing? Are you returning to university for post grad qualifications? Masters, Law Degree, PhD or something else? What course are you doing and how? What are your tips for those who are struggling to find the time to study? What would you change about your experience if you could? Or are you an independent studier, what are the tools, collections, resources you use to keep studying?

Educating - In this issue I'm also looking for contributions from the educators. Whether you are educating future library and information professionals, future lawyers or current practicing lawyers we can to hear from you! What do you see as the essential skills for tomorrow? What format are you presenting the training? What lessons have you learnt? What do you see as the opportunities and challenges?

I'm also seeking contributions for Bookshelf essentials What are the 3 books that must be on your shelf and why? Share your bookshelf essentials with the us!

Got any other ideas in the works? We want them too!

Contributions for the journal are due 15 July (heaps of time!)

If you are interested in contributing or have any questions please contact Alex Cato, Journal Editor at